If you're one of those people who hates the entire holiday season, you might want to avoid Page 300 for the next month or so. From now until New Years Day, I plan on posting a new holiday themed song daily. I probably own more Christmas CDs than most people own CDs period, so having enough material certainly won't be a problem. I'll try to concentrate on songs you might not have heard before, or at least versions you won't hear four times a day on whichever of your local radio stations switches to an all Christmas format tommorrow. To start things off, here is the one of the only Thanksgiving themed songs I know, from one of my all time favorite movies, Holiday Inn.

Bing Crosby - "I've Got Plenty To Be Thankful For" (mp3)

I was working part time in a record store in 1998 when we got the soundtrack CD in stock, and I was ridiculously excited about it. I'd been trying to find the soundtrack forever, and the fact that it was released at a budget price of six bucks (four after my discount) was icing on the cake. For the next year, an excerpt from the appropriate Irving Berlin song went onto my answering machine as the outgoing message for every holiday.

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