Tomorrow Never Knows

This summer I had a little car accident... my Saturn versus two Jeep Cherokees. Not surprisingly, I lost. My consolation prize a couple of weeks of physical therapy and muscle relaxers. The first couple of days on flexeril I was incredibly loopy. I kept thinking that it would be fun to to take advantage of my doped up state by breaking out the old 4-track and recording some psychedelic masterpiece. It was a nice idea, but what I ended up doing was sleeping a lot.

It's hard to believe that "Tomorrow Never Knows" was actually the first song The Beatles recorded for
Revolver. The album is often cited as the point where the band really started experimenting in the studio, but that they started with its most radical track is surprising. It's also surprising that a song with lyrics adapted from the Tibetan Book Of The Dead and built largely around tape loops has been covered so often. The All Music Guide lists over 60 different artists who have recorded their take on it, including Phil Collins, Junior Parker, Diane Reeves and David Lee Roth. Seriously. Diamond Dave.

The Mission UK - "Tomorrow Never Knows" (mp3)

The Mission recorded their version in 1986 for the "Severina" single. It was later included on the singles compilation
The First Chapter.

Chameleons also did a pretty good cover of this, even though I think it's a bit of a throwaway. It's a bonus track on the Strange Times CD. Worth checking out, mainly because that is one of the greatest rock albums of all time. (Digression, digression.)
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