Up In Arms

Tommorrow the Foo Fighters will release their first live album, Skin And Bones. Recorded on this summer's acoustic tour with an expanded lineup, the album basically gives the live treatment to the second disc of In Your Honor (the acoustic stuff), and expands on it with kinder, gentler takes of a few favorites from their catalog. For these shows, the band was augmented by former Foos/Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear, violinist Petra Haden, former Wallflowers keyboardist Rami Jaffee, and percussionist Drew Hester. The album will be followed up with a DVD on November 28, which will feature five additional songs. If you can't wait three weeks for the DVD, pick up the album at Best Buy, who will have an exlusive bonus preview of the DVD included for people who buy the album.

In Your Honor wasn't the first time the Foos have turned down the volume. When they recorded their second album,
The Colour And The Shape, they recorded two versions of "Up In Arms." Unable to decide whether to use the slower, quiet version of the song or the louder, faster one, they decided to use both. For the album, the first minute of the quiet version serves as the intro to the fast version. The slow version was issued in its entrirety on the Monkey Wrench single, and it is today's monday morning b-side.

Foo Fighters - "Up In Arms (Slow Version)" (mp3)

Don't be a scrooge!

For real though, Christmas is only 50 days away. The day after Thanksgiving (which is officially Christmastime) is only like 2 and a half weeks away.

Think about it...
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