World Gone Wrong

In this week's Entertainment Weekly, they review the new Broadway musical based on the music of Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin'. Not surprisingly for such a harebrained idea, they panned it. Reading the review, I thought it was a bizarre thing for Dylan to be involved with. But his Victoria's Secret commercial was a weird idea too, and that worked in a strange kind of way. Then today I got the link to this video from a friend. I no longer think this musical is just a weird idea, I'm pretty sure it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Ever.

On the bright side, there should be no further argument from music scholars about what the low point of Bob Dylan's career is... this is definitely it.

Wow... I'm actually speechless.

I darted over here from a comment at Nashville is Talking, and this is what I found... wow...

Of course, I forward the link to the video to friends...
I disagree: the Victoria's Secret didn't "work" in any sort of way at all other than to make sure their catalogs will never ever again give me an erection.
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