Night On Fire

"Remember remember the fifth of November..."

Tonight in the United Kingdom, they will celebrate Bonfire Night. The annual celebration takes place every November 5, and commemorates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and his group of co-conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliment and kill King James I. Unless you are a history major, the fact that anyone in the States has ever heard of Guy Fawkes is probably due to V For Vendetta. I'm usually not a huge fan of comic based movies, but this was one of my favorite films this year.

Before V For Vendetta was a movie, it was a graphic novel. And before it was a graphic novel, it was serialized over three years in the British anthology comic Warrior. It was during that period that writer Alan Moore approached former Bauhaus bassist David J about setting an episode of the comic to music. "This Vicious Cabaret" was the result, and it was released in 1984 on an EP which also featured three instrumental tracks from the soundtrack to a fictional VTV broadcast. David J explains the writing of the EP in detail on his website.

David J - "This Vicious Cabaret" (mp3)

The EP was issued on CD in 1986 on the singles collection On Glass, and recognizing a great opportunity for a tie-in to the movie, the V For Vendetta EP was reissued this summer with two new tracks.

post title by VHS Or Beta

This is one of my favorite graphic novels, and one of my very favorite collaborations that David J has done. Two absolutely brilliant creative forces at work.

Sad that this song was lost in the new film. David is truly an underappreciated musician who deserves more credit than he is afforded. Thanks for this post!
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