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Lisa Papineau - Night Moves

I used to have this ritual that everytime I gave blood, I'd always swing by Tower Records afterword to check out the listening stations. It was a little treat to myself for doing something good, and also a way to expose myself to bands I may not have heard yet, or to hear more of bands I had heard. Over the years I've discovered a lot of great music this way. Now that Tower is closing, I guess I'll have to find a new post-bleeding ritual. But a few weeks ago, my bi-monthly bandaged listening trip sent me home with the debut solo album by
Lisa Papineau.

You'd be forgiven for think Papineau is French. First, there's her name. The press material for her album references it being recorded in France. She's best known recently for her vocals with M83, and on the last two AIR albums. And her music just has a vague European feel to it. But she grew up in New England, and first caught people's attention with Pet, who were the first signing on Tori Amos' Igloo label. Night Moves is a long way from her rock days with Pet. It's closer to her current band, Big Sir, though more electronic and less groove oriented. Most of the album is fairly mellow, and the couple of perkier numbers remind me of Venus Hum. But if I had to describe the album in one sentence, I'd say it sounds like Beth Orton with less guitar and more sequencing. It's definitely a "chill" album, perfect for winding down at the end of the evening.

Lisa Papineau - "Out To You" (mp3)
Lisa Papineau - "Diamonds And Pearls" (mp3)

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Are you still on the special donor list????
To be fair, your "every time I give blood I treat myself to a CD" policy joins your "every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings and I treat myself to a CD," "every third sneeze I treat myself to a CD," and "every time I wake up I treat myself to a CD" policies.

But, hey, you're the one with the blog, and I'm obviously reading. Leech on, brutha!
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