Diamonds Are Forever

I am a huge James Bond fan. I have been ever since my family first got cable in 1979, when HBO was running a Bond festival. Every Saturday night, we would gather around a big bowl of popcorn in the family room to watch whatever 007 film they were showing that weekend. Later that year we went to see Moonraker in the theater, and that began a tradition. Since then I've gone to see every new James Bond movie with my dad. This Friday, I'll be taking off early from work so we can catch a matinee of the 21st entry in Hollywood's longest running film franchise, Casino Royale. To celebrate, today's monday morning b-side...

Cinerama - "Diamonds Are Forever" (mp3)

David Gedge has always had great taste in covers, so it wasn't surprising when he covered "Diamonds Are Fovever" in 2001. He formed
Cinerama in 1998 partly to explore his interest in film music, so taking on John Barry's classic bond theme was a natural fit. It's available on the Health And Efficiency single.

You're making me feel did you remember when we got cable?
Um, because when we got it HBO was showing James Bond films, and then Moonraker came out. And its easy to look and see what year a movie came out. So, yeah...
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