Helter Skelter

The new Beatles album Love isn't the only high profile release hitting the shelves tommorrow. Oasis is releasing their band selected "best of" album Stop The Clocks just in time for for the holiday shopping season as well.

Oasis is one of those rare bands where the b-sides are often better than the actual singles. Their 1998 b-sides collection The Masterplan makes a strong case that they could be the best b-sides band ever. But if that isn't enough to convince you, take a look at the tracklistlisting for Stop The Clocks. Four of the nineteen tracks on the album we're first released as b-sides. The band's live cover of "I Am The Walrus" is well known, so for today's monday morning b-side we have their second dip into the Beatles catalog, "Helter Skelter." Sung by Noel, it was released on the Who Feels Love single in 2000.

Oasis - "Helter Skelter" (mp3)

Great version.
I love this!!!!!!!!! WOAH! Noel sounds amazing... Noel IS amazing!
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