To Touch Their Harps Of Gold

One of my favorite local music disoveries last year was Timbre. I always struggle for a way to describe her music; it's kind of ambient indie classical. Her description of "if Radiohead and Sigur Ros had a baby and it played a harp" might be more apt. Starting strictly as a solo act, she eventually roped in her equally talented siblings and added cello and keyboards to the mix. I guess if you had to you could compare her to Joanna Newsom, only Timbre's voice doesn't have you reaching the stop button after ten seconds.

Her Christmas show last year was one of the absolute highlights of the holiday season. This year's version takes place tomorrow night, December 15, at The Anchor on 3rd Avenue in Nashville. The Winston Jazz Routine will open. Like last year, Timbre's set will feature both her own material and unique arrangements of the Christmas hymns you know and love. Hopefully it will also include her amazing Radiohead cover.

Timbre - "Like Spinning Plates" (mp3)

photo by
John Brassil


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