High Fidelity: The Musical

There are bad ideas, and then there is this. I'm a huge Nick Hornby fan, but you couldn't pay me to go see a musical version of High Fidelity. I mean, can't you just imagine what the book version of Barry would have to say about it? Producers need to learn that not everything needs to be made into a musical. Ugh.

This review is interesting in that the writer had never seen the source material (either the book or the movie). He didn't like it either.

Loved the book (read it at least 3 times so far), liked the movie (i'm a Cusak fan) even tho they moved it from London to Chicago, and I can't fathom seeing this musical.

On another Hornby note, they absolutely screwed the pooch on the American 'fever pitch' remake...blecccch.
Actuallu, a friend of mine who also is a huge Hornby fan went to see this and she loved it. I remain sceptical since, on paper, it seems like a travesty. But I am unwilling to damn it sigh unseen.
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