I Never Eat December Snowflakes

Tonight was the annual airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas. And I've got to say, I didn't remember how absolutely depressing it is. I realize it redeems itself at the end, but for 29 minutes, it is full of clinical depression (Charlie Brown), greed (Sally), vanity (Lucy), and even threats of violence (Lucy, again). How did this ever become the most beloved animated Christmas special of all time?

The episode was followed it was
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales from 2002, and it wasn't much better. The girl that Linus had a crush on who sat behind him in class was clearly schizophrenic.

Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Skating" (mp3) from A Charlie Brown Christmas


I think what makes it a classic is the dancing sequence. That's my favorite part anyway...oh and when Snoopy licks Lucy right on the mouth...and when Linus recites Luke 2...and when...the whole thing.

It dawned on me while watching it, that I never remembered all the lines to it like my kids do, but, then again, in the 70's, we only saw it once a year. Kids now have the benefit of dvd's.
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