Candy Cane Children

I've never been able to get totally on board with The White Stripes. I think "Fell In Love With A Girl" is one of the greatest pop songs of the last ten years, but beyond that they've never really latched on with me. And I think it comes down to two things. The first is the lack of a bass player. To me, rock songs without bass just don't sound finished. They seem like demos or something. The few times they have used bass, like "Seven Nation Army," the song didn't do anything for me. The second issue is Meg. Let's face it, the best thing you can say about her drumming is that she's cute. But they did release a Christmas single in 2002. And even though it was vinyl only (a pet peeve of mine), any band that records Christmas songs, especially original ones, automatically gets cool points in my book.

The White Stripes - "Candy Cane Children" (mp3)


i think their rawness is what makes them amazing, all they have is vocals, the guitar or piano and drums and they still sound fucking great! :)
You have to understand the whole concept behind the band to understand them properly. They follow the rules of minimalism (hence the title of one of their albums 'de stijl' - a minimalist art movement) so they only have what is really really necessary for a piece of music to work. I think its an amazing idea and love the fact that they're more than just a band, they're an actually concept. Its facinating to read about them. I love them to bits!
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