Step Into Christmas

In 1992, The Wedding Present tied Elvis Presley's record for the most Top 30 UK hits in a year by releasing a new single every month. Each of the twelve entries in the series featured an original song on the a-side and a cover for the b-side. Over the course of the year, their covers ranged from The Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday" to a brilliant take on "Falling," the theme song from Twin Peaks (which will surely be a monday morning b-side soon). The final single paired "No Christmas" (which apart from the title isn't a Christmas song at all) with their version of Elton John's 1973 single "Step Into Christmas." It's one of my favorite covers, and proof that as great as David Gedge's songs are, he's equally fantastic when doing other people's material.

The Wedding Present - "Step Into Christmas" (mp3) from The Hit Parade 2


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