Morris The Moose

According to Google Analytics, the post I did last year for the lost Christmas classic "Roly Poly The Polar Bear" is the fifth most visited post I've ever made on this blog. That ought to say something about the interest in The Peppermint Kandy Kids. According to this post at Falalalala, the company that owns the rights to the old Peter Pan Records catalog has started transfering these old albums to digital formats and are releasing them on iTunes. Several albums by the Caroleers are already available, so hopefully the Peppermint Kandy Kids won't be too far behind. In the meantime, here is another one of my favorites from Rudolph's Christmas Party.

The Peppermint Kandy Kids - "Morris The Moose" (mp3)

As for the picture, I know that the Mariners mascot isn't named Morris (for the uninitiated, his name is simply Mariner Moose). But he is awesome. And he plays the drums!!! Seriously, I saw him sitting in with
Blue Thunder along with the Blitz and Squatch (the Seahawks and Sonics mascots) at Qwest Field when I was in Seattle last month.

UPDATE (11/17/08): Usually I hate doing anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving, and that includes posting Christmas songs. But for the third year in a row, I'm getting bombarded with visits (12% of my traffic over the past two weeks) and e-mails regarding the Peppermint Kandy Kids. So I'm reposting this song two weeks early. Consider it an early Christmas present. Enjoy!


Here are some fun videos to some Peppermint Kandy Kids Songs:

Rolly Polly the Polar Bear

Rudolph's Christmas Party

If you like, leave me a message on youtube.

Oh my gosh... I have been trying to find these songs for a few years now. What great memories.... love it... I want to able to buy a cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember hearing that song when I was just a little girl. Thank you for finding it. You really made my day.
OMG I have been looking for this for years. My daughter is 25 and wants a CD of the Rudolph Christmas Party, Roly Poly, Peter and Penelope, Morris, .... Do you know how I can get a copy of the tape or copy on CD. Please email me at if you have any info.
I have looked for the Morris the Moose song for almost 10 years now, with no luck. I had the tape when I was a kid, and tried explaining and singing Morris to my wife, but she just could not grasp the feel. Thank you so much. This is very cool. Merry Christmas.
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