Record Store Day 2009

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 18) is the third annual Record Store Day. It you're any kind of music geek, you already know what this entails... a great party with live music, discounts, exclusive new releases and freebies from your favorite local independent music retailer. If you're not sure where that is, you can check out a list of participating stores here.

Last year when Record Store Day came around I hit the road to see The Duke Spirit, and ended up celebrating all things indie at CD Central in Lexington, KY. This year I'll be staying closer to home... really close to home actually. While
Grimeys always throws one hell of a party (and tomorrow is no exception), I'll be sticking to the East side for The Groove's Record Store Day festivities. Sets from local fave Hotpipes and Shoot The Mountain are part of the reason, but it also helps that it's a short five blocks from my apartment. And since, in a regrettable lack of foresight, the GF and I scheduled a yard sale for tomorrow (gotta make room for all the new CDs I'll be bringing home), it means I'll only be five minutes away if she needs help.

Whether you live in Nashville or elsewhere, make it a point to stop by your favorite independent record store tomorrow and buy something. Not only will you save some cash, but you'll feel good by not giving your money to some faceless, generic corporate behemoth, who really only sells music in the hopes that you'll also buy a new microwave while you're in their superstore.

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