Local H - Twelve Angry Months

Note: We feel like it's never too late to feature a good album, even if it's a few months (or even years) old. So on that note, Tyge weighs in with another of his guest blogger reviews... although as frequently as he's contributing lately, I suppose the term guest is becoming increasingly insufficient. But I digress...

I was recently on the verge of breaking up with my girlfriend when I came across Local H's concept album, Twelve Angry Months. I'm not sure if my finding it was coincidence or karma but I can tell you this; it was much needed therapy.

I first heard
Local H on the Sling Blade soundtrack. Their cover of Guided By Voices' "Smothered in Hugs" was the beautiful black sheep that stood out on an otherwise ethereal (ie heavy on the Daniel Lanois) album. I lost track of Local H in the years that followed but have since learned they haven't been resting on their laurels. I'll definitely be catching up on more of their music in the future.

Released in May of 2008, the twelve song album follows the months of the year after a nasty break-up with a girlfriend. The opening song, "January: The One With 'Kid,'" jumps into the heat of the actual break-up with our hero asking for his record collection back. We meet the girlfriend in "February: Michelle (Again)" and her new, rich boyfriend in the somewhat humorous ditty, "March: BMW Man."

There's beautiful anger and sarcasm delivered during these songs, the lyrics clever and talon sharp. The acme (and one of my favorites) comes with "April: White Belt Boys," as singer Scott Lucas chants to the ex-gal, "Yeah... hope you have a lonely life." You can feel and hear his resentment as the song builds into a venting crescendo.

The songs of the summer months range from sadness and reminiscing to forgetting and rebounding. Nearing fall, anger rears its ugly head again in what has to be one of the best song titles ever, "August: Jesus Christ, Did You See the Size of That Sperm Whale?" During fall and into winter, the songs lean toward rebuilding, self-acceptance and retrospect.

"December: Hand to Mouth" is a beautifully orchestrated reconciliation, not between the two ex-lovers, but with one's self and the coming to terms with the break up. Completely different from anything else on the album, the song confidently and wisely lets us know our boy is going to be alright.

Listening to this album made me look at my own predicament and question the motives in my personal relationship. Twelve Angry Months helped me realize that whatever the outcome, one way or the other, I would be happy again.

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It's a good thing SOMEONE is contributing to Page 300....btw - is Tyge still with the girlfriend?
Thank you anon, please see my latest post at The Neon Lounge. I think we're taking things hour by hour... at least until she reads my Local H review.
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