Holly Jolly Hollywood

David Gedge probably isn't the first person you'd think of to write a sentimental Christmas song. The first time The Wedding Present released a holiday single in 1992, the a-side was called "No Christmas," and the lyrics didn't contain a single reference to anything yuletide related. In fact it's probably one of the bleakest breakup songs he's ever penned. Of course, the b-side was a spirited cover of Elton John's "Step Into Christmas," so obviously he can get into the mood of the season.

This year the Weddoes have released a proper holiday single called "Holly Jolly Hollywood." It's a jovial duet with Simone White, and though it's closer in sound to Cinerama than any of The Wedding Present's recent releases, it's completely awesome. I first heard the acoustic version that is included on the EP a couple of weeks ago, and it really didn't do a lot for me. Last night I finally got around to downloading the proper version of the single, and I basically haven't stopped listening to it since. Maybe because it's because the arrangement has more pep in its step. Maybe it's Simone White's almost breathy vocals. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm feeling kind of smitten right now that has me susceptible to the song's charming sweetness. Whatever the reason, it has made an indelible mark on the soundtrack to my Christmas this year.

The Holly Jolly Hollywood EP is available exclusively on iTunes, and the video can be seen above. In addition to regular and acoustic versions of the title track, it also includes a very cool, subdued cover of "White Christmas."

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