Happy Birthday Ol' Blue Eyes

I've mentioned before how I think today should be a national holiday. Really though, Frank Sinatra's birthday just gives me a good excuse to post a song by my favorite singer.

This song was recorded in August of 1991 for a children's charity album that was put together by his daughter Nancy. Several takes were done with his longtime pianist Bill Miller, but the final version ended up being with his son Frank Jr. on the keys. Sinatra hadn't been in a recording studio in three years at the time, and though there is a definite frailty evident in his voice, it seems to add a certain poignancy to the song. In 2004, these tracks were given significant studio polishing and fleshed out with a new orchestral arrangement by Johnny Mandel. Though the final result bears little resemblance to this original track, it turned out quite well. The new version can be found on Frank Sinatra: The Christmas Collection.

Frank Sinatra w/ Frank Sinatra Jr. - "Silent Night" (mp3) from 20 Christmas Stars II


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