All Together Now

Two things I learned last night hanging out at Best Buy while my fiance was buying a wedding dress...

1. The Beatles Rock Band looks absolutely amazing. Like so good you get distracted from actually playing the game.

2. You'd think that being a musician you'd have an advantage, and playing Rock Band would come easy to you. You'd be wrong. I was playing drums (my first instrument), on the easiest song, on the easiest setting, and still only scored an 86. None of the teenagers I watched play while I was there scored less than a 95, and most of them were playing on expert mode. Ouch.

The Rutles - "Get Up And Go" (mp3) from The Rutles soundtrack

I'd tell you about the dress, but obviously I'm not allowed to see it for another seven months.

Well - you are getting older ya know and reaction time is slowing down! :)
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