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I like The Killers, but Brandon Flowers in an idiot. I don't mind his bravado; it's kind of refreshing to see a rock star who actually acts like one. I thought his war of words with labelmates The Bravery was a cute throwback to the classic Oasis vs Blur rivalry of the mid-90s. But in this week's Entertainment Weekly, he really shoves his foot way up inside his mouth...

"People make fun of Born in the U.S.A. and [his] look, but I love all of it. There's a song from his first album called 'Lost in the Flood' that's just...I mean, it should be essential listening for people. I'm 25 years old, I had no idea that existed, and I'm just really grateful now that I got to get into it."
People make fun of Bruce Springsteen? Really? Because I always thought he was one of the most revered and iconic artists in the history of American music. I mean, really, in the rock realm, there's Bob Dylan, and then Springsteen. How can you make through a quarter century of your life being a fan of music at all and not be familiar with the Boss? I know Nevada is a long way from New Jersey, but I lived in Las Vegas, and trust me, people have heard of him there.

That said, I'm still looking forward to Sam's Town coming out on October 3. Even though "When You Were Young" wears its Springsteen influence proudly on its sleeve, and the fact that they totally lifted the guitar solo from U2's "Miracle Drug," its a good tune. Listen to it on their myspace page.

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The guy does not say anything bad about Springsteen. Obviously he's been around people who made fun of Springsteen. I'm 45 and from NY. I love Bob Dylan, but I never liked Springsteen and still do not like him. I would not make fun of him, but Flowers does not either. It seems he actually likes him.
I make fun of Bruce Springsteen.
don't you DARE call Brandon Flowers an idiot
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