Warm December

The weather here in Nashville has been unseasonably warm this week. The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and a high of 73 degrees. Two weeks ago at the Titans/Colts game I was wearing two jackets, and tomorrow for the game against the Jaguars I'm contemplating wearing shorts. So even though today's song is really better suited for a chilly winter evening, the title seemed appropriate.

Long before I knew Julie London was a singer, I knew her as Nurse Dixie McCall.
Emergency! was hands down my favorite show as a kid. When I was four, I was obsessed with wanting to be a fireman. Literally every single picture of me taken that year I'm wearing a red plastic fireman's helmet. And every Saturday night I'd be wearing that hat (and probably my fireman pajamas) in front of the TV, watching Roy DeSoto and Johnny Gage respond to whatever that week's crisis was.

The first time I remember hearing Julie London sing was "Warm December" on the
Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails, Part Two CD. The song is originally from her 1956 concept album Calendar Girl. In addition to a song for each of the twelve months, the artwork also featured a pinup style shot for every month. She had one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard, and this song is a great example.

Julie London - "Warm December" (mp3)


Greetings from Atlanta, what's up with this crazy weather?! Great seeing some Julie London love, not that people don't like her, just nice to see her spotlighted, especially like seeing someone shout out Calendar Girl! Great site, thanks for the posts, good luck against the Jags, and happy holidays!

"carrie, will you wait for me on this WARM CHRISTMAS DAY" -- c'mon!! what's it gonna take to get a mention on this blog of yours. it was so apt - APT, i tells ya.
Don't forget the "fireman" suspenders that the Seattle fireman wore (they said "police" on them). There were also a couple of patches from the fire dept. You got them from the guy who lived across the street from us who was a Seattle fireman...can't remember his name though. I'll email you some pictures from those days!

Love you...
The fireman across the street was named Doug, I think. I've still got one of those SFD patches. I have no idea what happened to the other one.
You're right about his first name....it was Doug, but I don't remember his last name right now. Maybe it will come to us.
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