Nothing Lasts Forever

I've always thought that Echo And The Bunnymen's Songs To Learn And Sing was one of the coolest titles ever for a best of album. Tomorrow the collection gets re-released in the U.S. as The Very Best of Echo & The Bunnymen: More Songs To Learn And Sing. The new version drops "The Puppet" and adds ten new songs, including "Lips Like Sugar" and several songs recorded since the band reunited ten years ago, along with a DVD.

One of the new songs they added is "Nothing Last Forever." They included an acoustic version of the song on their In The Margins single in 2005. I'm assuming it's from a radio broadcast, but the credits don't indicate the details.

Echo And The Bunnymen - "Nothing Lasts Forever (Acoustic)" (mp3)


maybe it's ironic or even post-ironic, but I've always loved The Talking Heads title for their ALBUM..More Songs About Buildings and Food.

Love the E and the Bunnymen title as well (and their music..)
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