And Kings Will Come...

When I do a post on here, I usually spend almost as much time trying to find an appropriate picture as I do writing the post itself. You kind of have to when your blog has absolutely zero design element to it (it's on my list of things to do, eventually). Today the picture and the song are a perfect match for each other. And I guess that's fitting, since they were done by the same person. The painting is Joseph and Infant Jesus in Bondi by Steve Kilbey, and the song is by The Church. Some people might be surprised to learn that The Church did a Christmas song, and some fans might mistakenly argue that they haven't. But this song is just as much about today as the hymns you sang at midnight mass last night. It's also absolutely gorgeous.

The Church - "Lullaby" (mp3) from Sometime Anywhere

May peace find you wherever you are today. Merry Christmas.


Miss you - wish you were here!
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