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So if the rumors are true, two of my wildest dreams are going to take place this year. One is the release of The Police Around The World on DVD. It's quite simply the greatest concert movie ever made. The live footage is amazing, but what really makes it so much fun is all the footage of them backstage and on tour, like this clip with Jools Holland.

The other one is a
Police reunion tour. For as long as I can remember, that has been at the absolute top of my list of concerts I would gladly give up a limb to see (I'm only slightly exagerating... you could take a finger, as long as it was the pinky, or that other one next to it - does it have a name?). Other than Frank Sinatra and The Beatles, The Police are the only one of my favorite artists that I've never seen live. And even if they only do one show in the US this summer, I'll be there. I realize it won't be as incredible as seeing them in 1982 would have been, but I'll take it.

The Police - "Message In A Bottle (Live)" (mp3) from
The Police Live!
Strontium 90 - "3 O'Clock Shot (Live)" (mp3) from Police Academy

If you think Strontium 90 sounds suspiciously like The Police, that's because it is. Kind of. Mike Howlett of Gong put the group together in 1977 for a Gong reunion show that took place in Paris. If his liner notes are to be believed, it was the first time Sting, Andy and Stewart ever played together. This particular song contains elements that later became two different Police songs, "Be My Girl/Sally" and "O My God."

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Amazing post.

If I could see one sow in Nashville history it qould probably be the police at exit in all those glorious years ago.
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