Luck Be A Lady

I had every intention of staying home tonight and finishing up my long delayed "Best Albums of 2006" post. But then I got a call from a friend about playing poker this evening, so plans be damned. The post is already two weeks late, what's another day?

To set the mood, here's a song from one of the
birthday presents I got last week (more on it soon).

Frank Sinatra - "Luck Be A Lady (Live)" (mp3) from Sinatra: Vegas (Disc 2 - Live at The Sands, Jan-Feb 1966)

Wish me luck. Both at poker and for the Powerball ticket I bought this morning.

UPDATE: Frank Sinatra - "Here's To The Losers" (mp3) from Lucky Numbers

photo courtesy of Casino Rarities

Your problem last night is that, while some were playing cards, you were merely gambling.
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