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In 2004, The Church released El Momento Descuidado, an acoustic album which featured reinventions of nine songs from the band's catalog of 25 years, along with five new songs. Steve Kilbey weighed in on the process of making the album:

“The record was made in two or three days, virtually live. The trick was to treat them all like brand new songs. They were all fresh, they all had equal status. It’s not like we just played the old electric parts on acoustic guitars. That could never work for us. Just doing The Church Unplugged would have been pointless. We wanted to really feel the songs, reinterpret them. We wanted to free them, open them up, strip back some of the artifice. We found there were some other songs lurking in there, behind the stiff face of the originals.”
Evidently they enjoyed the process so much that they're doing it again. After touring the U.S. acoustically last year, they've recorded another batch of unplugged material, El Momento Siguiente. A release date for the album hasn't been set yet (only saying it will be "in the very near future"), but they will be rotating some of the new material on their myspace page until the album's release. Currently featured are an acoustic take on "After Everything" and a Maharishi-era George Harrison style remake of "Tantalized."

To reboot the monday morning b-side feature, here is one of my favorite Church rarities, from the 1992 Ripple single.

The Church - "Nightmare" (mp3)

UPDATE: Well, that was fast. Apparently when The Church says "very soon," they mean tomorrow. The album is now available, and two more songs are up on their myspace page; a cover of The Triffid's "Wide Open Road" and the new "Song In The Afternoon."

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You may already know about this, but just in case you don't, you may find Steve's blog interesting:

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